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SSL "Secure Socket Layer"
Using the Atlanta Virtual Certificate

How do I call a page with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Atlanta Virtual's secure certificate?

All pages that reside in your domain_name-secure directory are secured if you call them the following way:

For secure CGI-BIN executables, contact support for the proper settings to be applied. support request

You may also use our dummy certificate feature built into the control panel, but we do not recommend these for more than testing purposes. An authorized secure domain certificate should always be used when the shared AV certificate can not be used. Resellers should contact us for additional branding options.
  1. The is the name of the server that your web site is hosted on (submit a support request if you don't know the name of the server you are on).
  2. The /your_domain/ is the name of your domain without the '.com', '.net', etc.
  3. The filename is the name of the file you are calling with its corresponding extension.
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