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MIME Types
    MIME Types Overview

With the latest Control Panel, you now have the MIME types tool built-in.

Within your personal account control panel you have a tool designed to help you quickly add and modify MIME types for selected files and directories. Chosing the above MIME Types Icon from the tool list will open up an interface which will help you quickly and easily add MIME type recognition to your account.

    Mime Types Manager (Control Panel)

The Mime Types Manager will allow new mime types to be added to your site.

Choose the directory you would like to work with:
To work on another directory, just select a directory above and click Load.

How to add a new Mime Type

For a new mime type you need to add the following: Type, Subtype, and Extension. For example, if you wanted to be able to view text files with your browser, you would place the following below. In the box labeled 'Mime Type', write "text/plain"(type/subtype), In the box labeled 'Extension', type ".txt".
For an extensive list of Mime Types, click here
List of Mime Types:
Mime Type: Extension: (eg. .txt)   
   Shockwave Flash

How do I set up my site to be able to use the .swf extension for Flash?

You can set this yourself using this line in an .htaccess file:

AddType application/x-shockwave-flash .swf

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