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As an independent Reseller, you have all the advantages of a high-performance web hosting provider without the enormous startup or operating costs required in this industry. If you're currently in the web design or promotions business, we can help you start your own professional web hosting business at a fraction of the costs and headaches. Our trained technical assistants will support you anonymously and you can focus on growing your business.

With our VHost™ Program, you can quickly provide your clients with a high level of customer service, ultra-competitive pricing, experienced technical support and personal billing control; while supplies you with substantial hosting plan discounts, access to our exclusive non-branded support site and a special "customizable" version of our award winning website control panel.

• Special Control Panel for Resold AccountsClick for a closer look at our reseller branded control panel.
Resold host accounts will come with a special brandable control panel that can be customized with your branding, keeping completely anonymous from your clients and providing you with the ability to match your hosting company look and feel. --->

• Anonymous Support Site
We provide our Resellers with access to a completely anonymous support documentation site, via IP address only. This will help you provide your end-users with access to the documentation they need to use the tools we provide through their personal control panels. is mentioned nowhere on this site. When new tools are added to our main system, or it is necessary to include additional documentation to our main support site, your un-branded support site will be updated as well, keeping you current.

Unique IP Address for Each Resold Account
We provide dedicated IP addresses for each resold domain on our system. We do not support "virtual sub-domains" where many users share the same IP address. Each of your resold accounts will have it's own individual IP address for your clients, and you will have maximum control with the most cost effective reseller plan in the industry.

• Virtual DNS Name Servers
Resellers will have a set of personal NameServers assigned to their accounts to keep anonymous to their clients. All Reseller accounts are enabled with these anonymous nameservers and are part of standard reseller package. We are serious about the success of our Resellers.

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Virtual DNS 

Standard tools and features on each resold account
Backbone Connections
FrontPage™ Extensions
Personal /cgi-bin/
Brandable Control Panel
Chili!Soft ASP
Mail Manager
Mailing List Manager
E-mail Forwarding
E-mail Aliases
http Analyze™ Statistics
Multi-lingual Controls
Protected Directories
Web Site Creation Tool
Page Counters
Raw Log Access
Daily Backups
Open WebMail
Anonymous FTP
MySQL & phpMyadmin
Secure Server
Foreign Domains
Real Audio/Video
File Manager
Get started today! Become your own hosting company!
Reseller Master VHOST Account
Included: Possibility Plan with Virtual DNS
Reseller Account Management Tools.

Never choose a host that you will eventually outgrow. We can help you move your clients from shared reseller hosting to seamless dedication in a snap, anytime you need it!

Dedicated Servers with advanced hosting automation software are available to resellers who need maximum room to expand their online web hosting enterprises. Successful hosts understand ... never establish a customer base on a system that will limit your potential, regardless of how cheap it seems. At Atlanta Virtual, we understand that long-term hosting success is based on stability and user features. Both you and your customers deserve this and we have the "step-up systems" in place when you need them.

Have a lot of clients? Need more room and resources, but don't want to experiment with host platforms that may fail? Let us help you seamlessly move to a high-performance dedicated server of your own and you'll always know that the company that helped you get where you are today, will still be behind your web hosting growth into the future ... and beyond!

For more information or to speak to a sales specialist, phone toll-free 1.770.629.6550 or Click Here
Serving clients in over 50 countries around the world!
Reseller VHost Features:
Anonymous Support Site
Brandable Control Panels
• 24x7 Tech Assistance
• Daily Customer Backups
OnNet Connections
• SSH Shell Access
Virtual Name Servers
Discounted RankBlaster Use
• Free Domain Pointing
• Personal Account Manager
   ... more!

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