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E-Mail Settings and Configuration
    Editing Autoresponder messages

How can I customize the bounced message, or remove some of the header information from the autoresponder?

We use a customized version of the procmail program for our mail, and do not recommend customization. If you customize the procmail recipes, you do this at your own risk. Be certain to back up your .procmailrc file first.

    Generic Mail Client settings

This is an example of basic mail client setup


Mail programs vary in the way you setup preferences and options.  We used Internet Mail program that comes with Windows 95/98 as an example on how to setup the basic preferences. Remember your POP3 account is the account name you specify in your Mail Manager and your incoming POP3 server is always

In the above example, where the account being accessed on the server is "", the username would be "webmaster" and the password would be "password for webmaster mailbox" which you set up in the control panel/mail manager for that POP account address.

:  You access Mail Manager through your web browser at

   Outlook Express for Mac

I'm having a problem checking my mail in Microsoft Outlook Express 5 for the Macintosh. I'm getting the error: "The POP server returned an unexpected reply to a command that Outlook Express issued. Error: -16999."

Some servers will respond with a generic error if your mailbox is empty when Outlook Express asks for a list of messages. This error won't occur if there is mail in your mailbox. If you are getting the error "The POP server returned an unexpected reply to a command that Outlook Express issued. Error: -16999." It is really your server telling Outlook Express that your mailbox is empty in a way that Outlook Express didn't expect. Unfortunately the only workaround for this is to leave a copy of your messages on the server (See the Account Prefs).

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