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Domain Registration and DNS Nameserver Info
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Domain registration delay time

How long should it take for transferred domains to resolve to your new AtlantaVirtual.Com IP address?

Registrations for the .com, .net, and the .org names should take one (1) business day. Registering with other registrants may take longer. Please note there is a delay of a few days after registration before your new IP is seen by all of the name servers in the world.

Note: All domains registered through Atlanta Virtual's domain registration system are pre-configured with Atlanta Virtual's DNS server information below and will be pointed, by default, to AV's hosting servers. If your domain was registered through our system and you are hosting your site with us, you will not need to complete the DNS transfer or DNS reconfiguration required by outside domain providers, such as Network Solutions, Inc., and others. AV registered domains are ready to go and will resolve to your new web site IP address, issued by Atlanta Virtual within 24-48 hours from the time of registration.

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Atlanta Virtual Nameservers and NIC handles


Primary Name Server
Primary IP Address
Secondary Name Server
Secondary IP Address

Technical NIC Handle
Administrative NIC Handle
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