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We are pleased to offer you discount domain registrations from as low as $15.00/year.
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How to Register a Domain
To begin, please check the availability of your requested domain here
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Register Domains    [ COM/NET/ORG ]
If registering a new domain, check below to see if the domain name is available.
  1 year registration
  2 year registration
  5 year registration
10 year registration

Expired Domains
Look for Expired Domains that are available.
NOTE: Be patient - 1000's of expired domains will be loaded on the following screen. This process will group expired domains by type and alphabetical order
Find Expired Domains to Register

Transfer Domain Providers
Transferring Domains  (Changing Providers)
You can transfer any domain from another registrar to us. The only stipulation is that you can not transfer a domain that was registered less than 60 days ago. When you transfer a domain, an extra year will be added on to it's existing expiration date.
Move your domain registration

What does NameSpin do?
NameSpin takes in 2 or 3 word suggestions and finds all available domains containing combinations of those words. You can use this tool to come up with suggestions for domain names.
Look for unique domain name combinations and keywords

What is a Domain?
The Internet is a very big place.
In order to organize it and move traffic around every machine is assigned a number. This number isn't easy to remember so to make it simpler a host name can be associated with that number. But now you need to organize host names on the internet. Domains are used to organize host names on the internet. Domains also make it easy to remember and retrieve information. With a domain you can establish a 'place' on the internet for goods, services, information, or just to be cool. Common uses for a domain name are for setting up a website like or e-mail services like

How to Register a Domain
The first thing to do to register a domain is ...
Think of what you want your domain to be. You can try out ideas by entering them in the text box on the first page of domain registration. If the domain is available, it will be displayed along with similar domains that are available. Choose one and you are ready to go onto the next step. If the domain isn't available, a message will come up stating this.

After you've chosen the domains you want to register, it is time to log in. If you don't have an account, you can create one at this step. Otherwise, use your existing Login to continue to process.

The next step will be to choose a price. You can choose to register your domain for 1, 2, 5, or 10 years. The price for each is displayed next to the term.

If you've just created a new account, you will be prompted to enter the account ownership information. This is for in the event you lose your password the system can identify you and help you get your password changed. If you've registered before, then you'll be taken to the domain contact screen. This information is required to be associated with your domain. If you have defaults for contacts then the information will be prepopulated. After you've finished entering this information, you may proceed to the next step. You can change this information later if needed.

Now you'll be prompted to enter the NameServers for your domains. These servers must be registered with the registry and be active. You can change these later.

The last step involves entering billing information. Make sure to enter a valid credit card number and expiration date.

Please confirm all information on last page. This page is your invoice and should be kept for future reference.

Account Management (Managing your domain records)
The Account Management Area
This feature allows you to manage the settings for your account and any of the domains you own that have been purchased through Atlanta Virtual's domain registration system. Login to your existing domain account below :
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