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What Is Web Hosting? "Quick Guide"
Since the internet is still relatively new technology, many people are still unsure about what is we do, hosting web sites. It's very simple, however ...

Basically, web hosting is nothing more complex than having an area on a computer which is constantly "on" which is able to allow others to retrieve files and data from their remote locations. Just like the "C" drive on your local computer provides a place to store retrievable files, a web hosting account is your private area on the internet to store files which can be retrieved by users traveling the networks that comprise the same internet.

Moving files from your local computer to the remote web hosting account is simple. It's just like copying a file from a program on your local machine to another folder on your local computer. The difference is that you use a slightly different method, called "FTP". By plugging in the correct address, username and password, you can make a similar connection to your web hosting account and save files to this, just like the local "C" drive you're used to saving files to.

The difference with what is provided with a web hosting account is that you also have the ability to move information from other remote computers to your computer, such as e-mail and form data, where the "pass-through" effect is also very important to the service that web hosting provides.

This is a very simple summary of what "web hosting" is, as it can be extremely powerful and utilized to do many processes that effectively control the storage, retrieval and manipulation of data, but this is it's most simple usage.

As you begin to get comfortable with your new hosting account, you'll quickly learn just how powerful the web can be, and how easy it is to use. The ability to store, present and collect information is the future of business and communication. For more detailed discussions on this subject, searches performed on "web hosting, servers and remote networks" will lead you to a wealth of information relating to the subject.
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