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Domain Transfer "Quick Guide"

I already own a domain name. How do I point it to my AtlantaVirtual account?

If you currently own a domain and need to transfer/point it to your new account with, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to your domain provider's website and login to your domain name account.
  2. Look for a link that allows you to modify your DNS information or Nameservers within your existing record.
  3. Once you've isolated this area, you'll see several fields listing your current nameserver entries for this record.
  4. Look for an entry area to add the new nameserver data to your current record.
  5. Use the data below to replace your current entries and "save" these changes to your domain record.

    Primary Name Server
    Primary IP Address
    Secondary Name Server
    Secondary IP Address

  6. Allow 24-48 hours for this record change to update and then your traffic and e-mail should be live to your new AV account.

    If you are unsure, or need assistance with the transfer, contact us here for assistance.
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