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Our control panel is the industry standard. Easy to use, point-and-click icon based controls will make your daily site management a breeze. For a look and feel preview, please click on the control panel inset to the right   --->

The Atlanta Virtual user control panel offers over 70 available tools for you to perform the functions you'll need to get the most out of your site management experience. The way it works is simple, locate the tool you need, click and you'll have instant access to site statistics, file management, e-mail settings and mailing list management, FrontPage™ management and extension controls, counters, shopping carts, web site building tools and a host of other powerful features. Whether you are an experienced webmaster or just beginning, you'll quickly learn why our users rave about the management systems we offer in this unmatched tool system. There's nothing like it ... it's simple, stable and feature packed!To see a larger screenshot, click here.

Below is a summary of a few of the tools you'll find in our user control panel:

File Manager
The heart and soul of the control panel, the file manager will allow you to work with files and directories like no other tool in the business. Create directories, files and renaming tools are standard. Built-in uploading applet allows you to quickly move files into your directories and folders. Has an integrated permission settings manager and in-line text editor.
Mail Manager System
E-mail is critical to web site success. With our point-and-click e-mail management tool, you can quickly setup new e-mail accounts, set passwords, create autoresponders, redirect e-mail to ISP addresses and much more. Very simple to use and super powerful!
Mailing List Manager
Never pay for mailing list management again! Every client gets their very own built-in SmartList application. This is a totally automated solution to help you create opt-in newsletter, digest and moderated mailing lists with the click of a button. This is a powerful feature that will help you take advantage of the qualified traffic to your site. Broadcast your news and advertisement specials to 1000's of users with the touch of a button.
Shopping Cart System
Build your very own shopping cart with the -----------click of a button. Our Shopping Cart program is a standard feature in our Possibility™ and Power™ host plan packages.

Graphical, easy-to-use, web-based Administration Suite Built-in Credit Card Validation Highly Customizable "Look and Feel" Unlimited Product Categories and Sub-Categories Automatic Shipping and Handling Charges, customized by you! Automatic Tax Table, completely customizable Product Search Capabilities Secure Order Processing Online Documentation
Microsoft FrontPage™ 2002 Extension Support
Microsoft FrontPage™ is a web design program which makes it possible to create and maintain web sites without learning HTML or using external FTP applications to save your files to your web hosting account. If your web site is hosted by, you can use FrontPage™ extensions to add page elements such as hit counters, search forms, and confirmation fields. Our 2002 FrontPage extension pack also offers FrontPage Administrator™, a very nice management application.
Web Site Builder™
Standard on all web site packages, this tool make creating a new website simple. Lots of templates to choose from, easy contact form creation and image uploading are standards with this browser based design tool. Have your new site up and running in minutes, and best of all ... it's free!
All host plans come with built-in webmail. We offer this for every e-mail account on your system. Using the best webmail system available today, Open WebMail™, you'll be able to access your domain e-mail accounts from any connected computer in the world. Advanced features include spell checking, rules filters, calendar support, Outlook/Eudora/Netscape address book importers, multiple interface templates and much more ...
Stop spam at the source. SpamVault is available through all client control panel systems and allows you to quickly block spam before it gets through. Rules allow for the setting of simple blocking strings in the subject, body, sender, receiver and contact address. This tool is amazing and works like a watchdog, chewing up spam before it wastes your valuable time and bandwidth!
HttpAnalyze™ Graphical Statistics
Standard with every Atlanta Virtual web host plan, you'll get a fully robust set of statistics to help you analyze your traffic. This application is located within your control panel and eliminates the need for third-party tracking services or banner advertisements to be displayed on your site. Every visitor that enters your web site, will be tracked to the maximum degree to allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns.
Search Engine
Need a simple way to add a search engine on your site? No problem! Our search engine installer will install your very own search engine, enabling your visitors to search every word on every page of your site.
MySQL and phpMyadmin
The fastest, most supported web database on the planet is MySQL. Most of the best web applications in the Linux world require some type of MySQL support. We take MySQL one step further with built-in control panel database management, through the use of phpMyadmin, a very advanced, yet simple to use graphical database manager. Whether you use perl, php or asp as your primary programming language, this tool will make things easy! We also support ODBC for remote connections to your databases.
Chili!Soft ASP
Now you can take advantage of ASP though our Chili!Soft ASP control panel tool. This install-on-demand tool will allow you to set ODBC connections with the click of a button. Add dynamic content to your site with ASP support.
Integrated FTP Tool
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of moving files from your local computer to your web site. We offer unlimited FTP access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike most host providers, we also have a built-in FTP application inside our control panel that allows you to move files and archives with ease. No FTP application or configuration necessary.
Secure Shell Access (SSH)
When you connect via SSH to your domain, you are controlling it, using the operating system of the server. Any commands you enter are run on the server (not your local PC) and operate according to the command parameters on the server. Secure Shell (SSH) provides a command line interface that lets you run commands to modify the contents of your web site It encrypts all the data sent and received, providing a high level of security.
SSL (Secure Server)
Our Secure Server works via a shared certificate through a secure socket layer. This is a protocol that allows for normal web traffic to be sent in a secure environment ... a must for e-commerce and other secure transmissions. This is a standard feature on all host plan accounts. We also have an easy to use, graphical interface to allow you to create and install purchased SSL certificates if desired.
Archive Manager
This is a great tool when you need to make a full personal backup of your site, decompress program files and when working with archives. Our Archive Manager interface will compress/decompress .tar and .zip files making life much, much easier than normal command line extractions.
Graphical Page Counters
Add a page counter to your site with the click of a button. Standard on all AV host plans. Our counter system also supports date/time and many different digit styles. See counter support page for more details.
MIME Types Manager
Built-in interface allows you to install and configure all MIME type settings. Very simple to use and learn, has instructions and types documentation to help you simplify the tasks you need.
Support Request Form
Something you don't quite understand and you need a guru? No problem! Every control panel (non-reseller sub-panels) has a built-in AV technical support request system which prioritizes your client support questions and gets you in immediate contact with the available on-duty technical support representative. We offer 24/7 support assistance and our friendly technicians are ready to help at any time!
Real Audio/Video
Add dynamic audio and video streams to your web site. We support RealServer standard on all AV host plans. Start your own radio station online and more ...
Billing History Ledger
Have a question about charges, need to save records for tax or accounting? This is simple with our built-in account ledger system. Automated billing, invoicing and running ledger reports are all standard systems on control panel systems. (Note: Resold accounts will not have access to this tool, yet all reseller accounts will be compiled through the reseller's master control panel, making client charges a breeze to examine.)
Account Management Tool
Change billing settings, contact information, set quota alarms and more, this is the basis of account automation and is standard on all top-level accounts, including reseller master control panel systems.
URL Redirection Tool
Want visitors to enter through a specific page? Set your redirection tool into motion and all traffic will be directed to the content that you choose. Very simple to use and employ. Another great system tool available in all control panels.
Password Protection Tool
Need to limit access to certain files and areas of your site? This is not a problem with our easy-to-use directory protection feature. Sell software, e-books and more. Simply grant password permission to the files and you're set. No one will be able to access these areas without a username and password, which you control.
Domestic and Foreign Domains
We gladly host domains from around the world. Have a country specific domain you want to use? No problem! Our control panel also supports 4 independent language settings, English, Spanish, German and French.

Resource Meter
A real-time gauge of service usage. Check bandwidth, storage and more.

This is just a short list of our most common control panel tools. In total, there are over 70 tools available through our control panel system, depending on account level and services used. Each control panel tool is specifically designed to simplify your daily site management chores. For a detailed listing of all the services and tools available under each account package, click here
To see a larger screenshot, click here.
Standard Features:
• Static IP Address
• Personal Control Panel
• /cgi-bin/ for programs
• Built-in FTP
• FrontPage™ Extensions
• Page Counter
• HttpAnalyze 2.4 Site Stats
• Open Webmail™ v1.81
• Mail Manager
• File Manager
• 24x7 Tech Support
• Daily Backups
   ... more!

Kill spam before it kills you ... SpamVault. Standard on all AV hosting accounts!

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