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SITE PROMOTION > How to succeed on the web.
So, you've built a great looking site and you're ready to take on the world ... what next?

Learning how to promote your website is the key to success on the internet. Unless you're willing to gamble on pure luck, you'll need to actively work at promoting your website. Regardless of what the latest advertisement in your inbox says, this is not easy and will not happen overnight. However, if you follow the basic steps below (many are common in brick-and-mortar promotion) and work at it continually, you can succeed over time.

Here are some of the basic areas you can focus on to improve your chances at online success:
  1. Search Engine Promotion
    Search engines, like Yahoo, Google, AOL Search and Lycos are very important in helping webmasters target daily qualified traffic. The visitors you'll get from search engines are actively looking for content similar to what you're offering. High placement on these engines under specific industry keywords is very important to your long term success. Learning how to submit your site correctly, managing your pages and their hidden "meta-tags" is the secret to doing this well. As you look at each search engine, you'll see 1000's of sites listed in the searches you perform. However, it's amazing how few of these, even the top 10 ranking sites have a planned approach to their search engine marketing, being highly ranked by a quasi-default, as the engines will resort to less requirements as their options decrease. What does this mean for you? It means that if you learn how to beat your competitors at tagging your site, follow the rules of keyword creation and add compelling titles and descriptions to your page's source code, you can rise to the top in many cases. In some cases, you can do this quickly!

    We offer two methods to address search engine placement:

    Method 1) For hands-on webmasters, we've developed a very powerful tool to help you position and promote your site through the search engines under your own control ... and automatically. This tool, RankBlaster™ is available for use by everyone and is even a standard software tool on all Power Plan hosting accounts. With RankBlaster™ you can analyze your competition's meta-tag and placement position, optimize your own pages using current search engine standards and automatically submit your site to the worlds top 200 search engines and directories. Read all about RankBlaster™ here:

    Method 2) For those webmasters who need direct assistance with ongoing search engine placement, we offer a program called "SearchSurge". With this program, members of the staff will personally handle your ongoing search engine optimization and monthly website resubmission's. With SearchSurge, we will target the top-500 search engines and directories, submitting your top 8 pages directly each month for you. We will perform your meta-tag creation, keyword research analysis and generate a monthly page-by-page report of the submission work we perform. If you are interested in the SearchSurge program, please contact a member of our team here for details.

  2. E-mail Marketing and Newsletter Management
    One of the greatest advantages of having a successful site is the ability to collect and maintain visitor information for later use. In this respect, you can re-market those individuals who have actively expressed an interest in your products and services, having legitimately requested to be kept informed about your offerings. This is where the professionals are promoting miles ahead of their competitors.

    The most common method of doing this is via direct sign-up from your website pages. This is where you invite visitors to opt-in, leaving their e-mail address, and perhaps some additional personalizing information that you can use later to direct market to them. With our hosting platform, you'll have this automated capability through the use of an application running in your control panel (standard on Presence, Possibility and Power plans) called, SmartList™. SmartList™ is an automated newsletter system which makes it simple for you to create, manage and maintain an active newsletter mailing campaign.

    We offer, as part of our ongoing promotional services, newsletter creation and design for many of our web hosting clients, as well as clients from all over the internet. This can be of great help in getting you up and running in direct online marketing, especially if you do not have the time or resources available to maintain this, but understand how important it is.

    Here are some samples of various newsletters that we manage.
    Newsletter Sample 1
    Newsletter Sample 2
    Newsletter Sample 3

    If you are interested in creating your own newsletter marketing system, or having one of our team members contact you about developing an automated newsletter subscription and/or maintaining your current e-mailings, contact our design department here.

  3. Banner Design
    One of the easiest ways to promote your online business is through the use of link trading and promotional banner placement on other highly trafficked websites. In order to do this successfully, you need the kind of graphic quality that states your mission quickly, and leaves no doubt that you're a professional. Yes, banners are everywhere on the internet and people tend to look over them more and more each day, but a great banner still sells and always will. Why? Because people are looking for information when they are on the web. This is why the web exists - it's an information system!

    To be successful with a banner link, what you have to do is rise above the general noise, the circus of sites. Your banner must be heard above the crowd noise, so to speak. When it comes to helping you stand out graphically, making a short clear message come alive, we can help. It's less expensive than you might think, as well!

    Here are some samples of several of the banners that we've done for various clients.
    If you are interested in discussing banner creation services, please contact our design department here

  4. Digital Product Photography
    If you are selling products and services through your website, there is no substitute for the quality of the digital images you present to your viewers. Clean, detailed, and high-quality images are the secret ingredient understood by most top-level professional website designers. If your site and product images are less than the very best, it will adversely affect your sales. There is no question about it ... "image sells on the web!"

    Our digital product imaging service is a complete solution. We use the best available digital camera equipment, the latest software and we will shoot your images in-house, and have your products and image CD back to you within 72 hours of receipt. You will receive full color digital shots in high resolution printable tiff format, as well has a complete set of web ready jpegs and gifs for use on your site.

    At Atlanta Virtual, we shoot product and related site images for professional webmasters from all over the world, and we understand exactly what it takes to succeed in producing product presentation quality. If you would like to contact us about your digital photography needs or to discuss our service, please call toll-free at 1.888.250.5650 or click here.

    To view some samples of our photography work, click the thumbnails below for full-size previews.

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